Terms and Conditions


Deliveries will start on Friday 5th April.



You will be charged initially for your first delivery upon sign up and the first delivery of your flowers will come on the 5th April. The next payment wont be taken until 24 hours before your next delivery is due, which depends on the frequency you signed up for.


 All deliveries are delivered by us on Fridays.

Payments will be taken 24 hours before delivery.

They are delivered by hand, by us, so could come at any time of day. If you think you minght not be in, just let us know a safe, sheltered space where we can leave your flowers. You could always leave out a bucket of water to keep them as fresh as poss.

For one off orders, you must order by 5pm on Wednesday to qualify for that Fridays delivery. Any orders recieved after this time will roll on to next Fridays delivery.

For recurring subscription orders, if you want to suspend that weeks delivery, you must let us know by 5pm Wednesday otherwise your payment will be taken as normal.


If you buy a gift subscription before 1st April, the deliveries will commence from 5th April.